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In today’s world, to find the answer to any question you refer to the Google search. The search engine has helped millions of people with their queries no matter how strange or complicated they are.

When searching something on Google, there are two things people usually look for i.e faster search and optimum results. For the former, you can refer to our Google search tips for faster results. For the later, take a look at the following guide with details on how to get better search results from Google.

Why the need for proper searching techniques

Everyone including students, researchers, writers, etc. requires information, and they use search engines for that very reason. People spend most of their time continuously looking for the right information because they’re not aware of the proper search techniques.

Learning and using good search techniques will help you in the following ways:

  • Better search results
  • Saves your time

Note: Search queries or examples are included inside < >for better readability. Please do not include < > in your search query.

Make good use of

Google is a smart and intelligent search engine with many exciting features. But not all the features are rolled out instantly for all versions. is always first to get feature updates, and then updates are provided in versions specific to different countries such as,, or

Google’s version for your country might not support all the search techniques described below. That’s why, it’s suggested to use to avail maximum benefits of the search features and techniques.

Tip: Typing automatically redirects you to its version for your country, but you can override this behavior by going to

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